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This half term Year 1 have been looking at the different types of materials that can be found around our school.

Today we went on a ‘Material Hunt’ and found lots of different materials including: wood, glass, concrete, and plastic.

piece of wood NFarmer via Compfight

"WHAT A DAY FOR A DAYDREAM" akahawkeyefan via Compfight

What objects can you see around your house and what  material are they made from?

Remember always be safe and take care when looking at different types of materials, get an adult to help.

Write your answers in the comment box.


Hello! For homework this week we would like you to watch the marshmallows video. We think you will enjoy it. If you would like to write a story about it, all you have to do is write your own post! If you don’t want to you can simply enjoy it.

Click here to watch marshmallow!

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